Alto Adige! Topcheckerbunny at the Genussfestival Südtirol for three days. Because: One only gets 40 once.

M ladies and gentlemen, dear children - in a few days the time has come. I'll ... well ... groan ... so ... how do I say it ... forty. Mr. Kapellmeister, please, please. 40. You know. In and of itself that is no longer a problem. Nothing changes. It would be pretty stupid to accept something else. If there were not certain people in my immediate environment lately very much very suddenly very philosophical about the number 40 would philosophize. Or entertaining films such as "Always picking up trouble at 40" for evening entertainment together. Or inconspicuously conspicuous to inquire about my personal health. (I realize that, honey - I knew that.)

But I'm still determined to keep my own from the ominous number. Not at all. A birthday is a great thing and an absolute reason to celebrate. And that's why I've made so appropriate preparations this year that I'm already a bit off the mark: I'll spend three days at the Genussvestival in Bolzano. As a little self-gift, so to speak. Alto Adige, South Tyrol - I'm kooommeee!

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At the end of May, the South Tyrolean city of Bolzano will turn its head again and become a Mecca for lovers Regional products such as bacon, milk, apples, wine and Schüttelbrot & Co. Two years ago I was already there and I got me the region, the countryside, the city and its picturesque streets and Ge Building spontaneously in love. Well - that you can taste and savor the delicacies of the region from morning to evening at the Genussfestival is also not insignificant - vegetables, berries, herbs, spices, grappa, meat and beer are of course also included. But to stroll through the streets, to see the mountains lying directly at the end of the alleyways and to experience the relaxed people in festival mood, is simply a lot of fun. Many restaurants and hotels have special offers on the menu during the enjoyment festival, there are live music everywhere, (wine) parties and small stalls stretch for miles around the city and everything buzzes and shimmers like a beehive.

Pleasure Festival South Tyrol Alto Adige Bolzano | Gourmet Festival South Tyrol Alto Adige  Gourmet Festival South Tyrol Alto Adige | Gourmet Festival South Tyrol Alto Adige | GourmetGuerilla.comGourmet Festival South Tyrol Alto Adige |

This year, around the centrally located Waltherplatz, there will be four stages with cooking facilities enter currencies to the theme brunch, lunch, Sweet lunch and aperitif incl. tasting of regional specialties. And in any case, I'll be up close and personal, look over the shoulders of the local restaurants and probably take 1,693 photos again.Not only there, but in the middle of it - yeah. I will be the Topcheckerbunny in terms of bacon, wine and bread! (Did I mention how wonderfully aromatic Vinschgauer flatbreads flavored with fennel, coriander, cumin and Schabzigerklee are? With a pinch of fresh salted butter? Ahhh ...!)

Me and my 40th birthday are so wildly determined to make it really nice to us. I want to survive, no.

If you also feel like a lot of enjoyment and relaxation in South Tyrol:
Genussfestival Südtirol
Bolzano, 29th to 31st May 2015
All information and the program at

The arrival works, for example by plane via Munich or Innsbruck and then by train to Bolzano. Of course, people from the South can also come by car.

I'm really happy about traveling companions and spontaneous acquaintances - let me know! At the Gesnussvestival Südtirol you can find me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook under the hashtag #wennfrolleinsreisen and #genussinbozen .

And here's more foretaste of South Tyrol :

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