Greta's stunning rhubarb tiramisu with eggnog and amarettini (also known as sponge crumb biscuits)

K eeeeeekseeeeeee! Baaaam-bam-baabam! Here it is again: our fully functional, always ready to use and perfect biscuit crumb maker - aka the child. Like a successful cross between the Krümelmonster and Bamm-Bamm Geröllheimer, he works enthusiastically on the terrace with a pack of Amarettini with the wooden spoon. In this regard, we can always rely on him rock solid. The man sits next to it and has one or two eyes that only the biscuits are crushed. Cleverly, he fishes his SmartPhone from the table just in time before it even gets under the hammer. We nod briefly - the patio situation is secured. Daddy keeps out standing outside while I put together wonderfully delicious calories with the best mother-in-law in the world: we make Greta's Rhubarb Tiramisu. Because Tiramisu just goes with fruit. And eggnog. And Amarettini crumbled. Even very, very stunning.

Since Greta first put the great sour-sweet dessert in a bowl on the table, the family has fallen for the rhubarb magic. Almost the whole family - because the little one does not like rhubarb. But he likes to knock the more biscuits. Running.

Here comes the recipe for a bowl of Greta's dazzling rhubarb tiramisu with eggnog and crumb patty crumb biscuits

100 g spoonfuls in egg ne medium-sized layers (personally, I like to do complicated mathematical calculations, but still have gaps.)

500 g rhubarb peel off, cut into thumb-sized pieces and cook with 50 g sugar in a small saucepan. Simmer over medium heat for a few minutes until the rhubarb is tender but still lumpy. In order to cool down the rhubarb as quickly as possible, we always do something wonderfully forbidden: we simply push it into the freezer compartment. Boil 250g of cream stiff with 250g of mascarpone and 125ml of eggnog , 3 tbsp Mix the sugar and 1 pinch ground vanilla carefully.

Divide the cooled rhubarb into the shape on the spoonfuls of biscuits and then season with the eggnog Cover

100 g Amarettini crumble and spread on the tiramisu (or alternatively let it blast on the house's own Bamm-Bamm with full force, which is also very nice). Put the mold in the fridge for at least 2 hours. Refrigerate.

Note: The dazzling rhubarb tiramisu is clearly not a dessert for weight loss takers. But honestly, it is quite stunning.