The man and I in "Little Phi", the Pickle Smash Whiskey and Cornichon Craziness

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G urkenwasser? In long drinks and cocktails? That must be a mistake ... Nope. This is not a mistake. But a - yeah, I admit yes - unusual idea to expand the personal cocktail horizons. And the man and I were part of this experiment last Friday in the Hamburger Bar "Little Phi". YAY!

Bartender Julian Krüssel has looked very deeply into the cucumber glass. Because Kühne (the one with the cucumbers) has called the pop-up bar in the bar for one evening. And so everything turns on the little green things. We are looking forward to Julian's signature drinks, which he prepares with the new gin and whiskey gherkins from Kühne. Care: We are talking about Gürkchen AND cucumber water. Crazy!

As whiskey fans we are especially looking forward to the "Pickle Smash Whiskey". Whiskey, lime, cucumber water and mint - let's go crazy! We're lucky and board two free stools right at the bar - with a direct view of the guys behind the counter and with a lot of gurkies within reach.

This is our first time in the Little Phi. Our spontaneous judgment: Totally nice here. Unangestrengte ski jump meets delicious drinks. The counter is rustically-buzzing, the audience between 20 and 40, the walls of the bar black, the lighting concept reduced. There are plenty of seats and tables to settle down with friends and have a relaxed conversation. When it gets really busy, you stand. A few green plants make for a blob of living room atmosphere. Very nice! You can definitely do that (again).

The guys behind the bar are spinning, shaking and stirring delicious drinks in record time. Served in - of course - the typical screw jars for Gürkchen and Co. You can shorten the waiting time "on foot" with a small green appetizer.

The man and I are in a playful mood and are in the mood for cucumber tattoos. Then come our screw-jar drinks. Now it's going to be exciting - what can the Pickle Smash Whiskey do? Whoa! A whole lot. This is definitely not a drink that you just drink away by the way. He needs a little attention. Then a nice warm whiskey note meets a lot of sweet and a little sour. Very tasty and tasty. In Gürkchen we trust! We directly order a second one.Pauli | "itemprop =" image ">

With our drinks we lean relaxed at the counter, enjoy the atmosphere, look at people and have it nice, a really nice evening in the" Little Phi "!

When we walk home arm in arm later on, we're in a great mood, and the horizontal Hamburg rain can barely change that.

And if you want to build the Crazy Cornichon drink at home - that's what comes down below Recipe.

Cheers and have it tasty!

Little Phi
Feldstrasse 42
20357 Hamburg

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Thursday 10: 00-00: 00
Open Friday 24 hours
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Photo: Malte Dibbern, @maltedi

And here's the recipe for Pickle Smash Whiskey

Ingredients for 1 glass:

6 Cl Bourbon Whiskey
2.5 Cl Lime Juice
1 Cl Cucumber Water with Whiskey
(eg from Kühne Cornichons with Whiskey)
2 Cl Sugar Syrup
2 Mint Branches
4-5 Ice cubes

mint sprigs and cucumber slices