Are you still limping or are you already enjoying it? Plus 4 quick DIY teas for the winter.

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Contains advertising for lime-free

S o, today something practical: lime. Yeah, I know - I always have to think of the blue-templated plumber, who presents a scorched-up housewife in the commercial block with a completely calcified part of her washing machine. In addition to dramatic music and a "This is expensive!". For me, especially this topic so far always belonged to the realm of household myths and legends. Lime you have just here and there a neat little bit. Also as almost the best housewife of all * cough *. Is not bad. Finish.

Well. Until I recently (looked at) totally self-confident in the interior of my Flötenkessels looked. And there, terrified, they discovered a new planet. So to speak. Centimeter-thick lunar landscapes of lime. In my cauldron. I mean, who seriously looks into his whistling kettle regularly? Cold water into the grommet - hot water out of the grommet. No need for deeper insights. It's exactly the same with electric kettles. And who of you recently lit his pad coffee maker from inside with a flashlight? Exactly

No-Fun-Fact: Few millimeters of lime in kettles, kettles or coffee machines consume 30% more electricity

So suddenly he was in my life - the lime. And it was very clear very quickly: He has to go. Larger accumulations of lime not only significantly influence the taste of coffee and tea - they are also real energy-savers: a few millimeters of lime on heating spirals or boiler floors consume 30% more energy. Or make sure that the water in coffee and tea machines does not get really hot. That's really weird! We nibble paper labels from plastic cups for accurate waste separation, make the water in the shower when lathering up and buy extra vegetables without plastic packaging. And on the other hand, we unknowingly thunder unnecessarily with every hot drink until we get away with it. And as a result, you might even get lukewarm, limp coffee.

So: Go and descaled. For example, with specially developed (organic) products from the Swiss company durgol. This makes descaling extra fast, easy to dose and food safe without funny odors or nasty aftertaste. I've tried it - the new lime planet was ratzfatz disappeared and my whistling kettle cooks now again in a surprisingly short time water. And if you have a more expensive coffee and espresso machine at home, there is the special decalcifier durgol swiss espresso . Because the small nozzles and lines calcify particularly quickly and tolerate vinegar or citric acid as descaling usually not good at all. You want to start directly with the power saving and taste-plus? Very well! After the next picture I give away 3 packages with durgol products.

Decalcify the kettle with durgol |

I'm giving away three practical sets of durgol descaling products

If you'd like to have one of the sets at your home, then leave me until 12:11:17, 23:59 clock here in the blog under the article a comment. Included are durgol universal bio, durgol universal and durgol swiss espresso. The Flötenkessel in the picture, however, remains with me. These are the terms and conditions.

Good luck!

Update: Gabi, Jutta and Lissi won.Only with natural ingredients without flavoring or coloring.

Have it tasty!

4 tasty and fast DYI teas for fall and winter |

And here are the recipes for 4 tasty and fast DIY teas for fall and Winter

When it gets cold and uncomfortable outside, these "teas" are done very quickly with just a few ingredients. With citrus fruits, spices, juices, honey and even a dash of white wine - just infused with fresh boiling water.

Hot thyme lemon with ginger

1 untreated lemon , cut two thin slices and squeeze out the juice from the rest of the lemon. Cut 1-2 cm fresh ginger into thin slices. Add lemon juice with 1 slice of lemon, ginger and some sprigs of fresh thyme to a glass. Add boiling water . Garnish with the second slice of lemon. Let's relax and enjoy.

Tip: By the way, the essential oils in thyme are great for coughs and bronchial problems.

 Hot thyme lemon with ginger and 4 quick and easy DYI teas for autumn and winter

Faster Apple and cinnamon tea

Fill a glass with apple juice (juice without sugar) approx. 1/3. Add 1-2 cinnamon sticks and pour boiling water . Sit back and enjoy.

Tip: The cinnamon sticks can definitely be used several times. Just rinse briefly with water and allow to dry.

Quick Apple Cinnamon Tea - 4 tasty and quick DYI teas for autumn and autumn

Honey oranges with cardamom

From 1 untreated orange juice Use a sharp knife to cut a spiral out of the bowl. Halve the orange and cut 1 thin slice. Squeeze out the remaining orange. Orange juice with orange slice, 1 tablespoon honey and 4-5 crushed cardamom capsules in a glass. Pour boiling water and garnish with the orange peel.

Hessian Hugo with white wine - 4 quick and easy DYI teas for fall and winter

Hot Hugo (with white wine)

1/2 untreated lime squeeze out the other half into quarters. Add lime juice and quarters together with 1-2 tablespoons of elderflower syrup and 1 teaspoon of brown sugar to a glass. Fill with sparkling white wine until the glass is 1/3 full. Put several sprigs of fresh mint in the jar and fill with boiling water . Stir and enjoy once.

Hot Hugo with wine and 4 quick and easy DYI teas for autumn and winter

Extra tip:
Except for the hot Hugo, the teas can also be wonderfully prepared in a larger thermos flask and drink throughout the day. Then place the spices or citrus peel into a teabag made from silicone or cellulose (a tea-cup made of metal could damage the thermocouple!) With the cup number in it, let it stand for 10 minutes with the jug closed and then remove it.