Feisty stall with pulled pork from the multicooker, fuming jelly, spicy jalapeno herb and avocado

S o, but here's a short break with this Burgermania and the indispensable Burger-Buns. After all, man does not live by brioche alone, ne. How about a sturdy, good old casket instead? Really good bread (we get along) delicious filled with - ha! - Pulled pork, smoked mustard, avocado and jalapeno coleslaw. Who wants? Do I see any hands?

Pulled-Pork casserole with smoked mustard, avocado and spicy jalapeno herb. | GourmetGuerilla.com

Homemade Pulled Pork has long been such an unfulfilled little dream. I know - I'm really not a revolution in kitchen innovation. Somehow, everyone seems to either have huge ball grills that cook the roast at exactly the right temperature in the home gardens for a good 12 hours. Or high-tech ovens that do everything right with water evaporation and digital temperature control. All. Facebook is full of Pulled Pork. Just not me. As we all know, the rather basic Rommel (2 manual switches) and the small pink ball grill (diameter 30 cm) glow in front of us. A not very convincing pulled-pork situation.

And then the motorcycle helmet came into play. He is not really a helmet, but a multicooler. And unlike a Slowcooker, it can also be hot and fast, making it much more flexible to use. Everything you need is a normal outlet. Time and temperature can be set exactly and are automatically regulated. For this purpose, in the removable, coated inner pot with the indirect heat does not matter. Best conditions for my first pulled-pork try! Lord Helmchen - open the hatch ...

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First, wrap the meat (pork shoulder or pork neck) with a spicy rub and marinate it in the refrigerator overnight. Then the whole thing is actually at about 80 degrees on the grill or in the oven. With me but now in the Multicooker. Because I'm unsure if the whole thing will not burn, I'll put a sip of water on the bottom of the jug. After all, the device will be smoldering overnight alone in the kitchen. The Multicooker has 34 pre-set programs for frying, stewing, steaming and frying meat, fish, pasta, vegetables, porridge and cakes. Yes - you can actually bake in it too.

I choose the time and the cooking time manually for my pulled pork: for 10 hours my 1 kilo organic pork neck will cook gently at 80 degrees. Close the lid, press Start and then it starts. Before I go to bed, I prefer to check the experiment a few more times. It already starts to smell good, the temperature inside is hot, but not boiling. That looks good. I decide that I can dare to leave them alone in the kitchen overnight.

The next morning, the result is perfect! It smells awesome in the kitchen. The multi-cooker has switched itself off after the preset cooking time and automatically activates the keep-warm function. The meat has hardly shrunk and lies in the brew that has formed on the bottom. When I want to lift it out of the pot, it disintegrates directly into tender and juicy pieces. Nom nom nom. I am sure that the result is much less dry than the variant from the oven or from the grill. And that almost overnight alone. And it tastes great!

Pulled pork from the multicooker | GourmetGuerilla.com

The Mukticooker is my new favorite toy.It is also great for going dough at a constant 40 degrees or making yoghurt. On request, he keeps food warm for hours without burning it. In addition, it can be placed anywhere where there is a free outlet and takes about the space of a small bread maker. Thanks to the carrying handle, it can also be easily transported or moved. Ideal for people with holiday flats, motorhomes or small kitchens with two hotplates.

Pulled-pork casserole with smoked mustard, avocado and GourmetGuerilla.com

And here comes the recipe for a big fat stall with pulled pork, smoked mustard, avocado and spicy jalapeno herb Pulled Pork
For home-made spice mixture 120 ml paprika powder sweet, 60 ml garlic powder, 60 ml mild chilli powder, 45 ml Salt, 45 ml ground black pepper, 30 ml onion powder, 30 ml celery salt, 15 ml brown sugar, 15 ml dried oregano, 15 ml dried thyme, 15 ml ground cumin, 10 ml ground coriander and 10 ml ground allspice in Mix well in a bowl.

Approx. Coat 1kg of pork shoulder or pork neck (which is much fatty) with 2 tablespoons of mustard and rub thick with the seasoning mix. Cook the meat marinaded in the refrigerator overnight.

Cook in the Multicooker for 10 hours at 80 degrees, while sipping the bottom of the cooking tank with a little water cover. Alternatively, prepare the meat as long in the oven or on the grill. At the end of the cooking time, lift the meat out of the container and store the broth. Pick the meat with two forks and drizzle with a little brew.

6 tablespoons Mayo with Mix 1-2 tbsp coarse (not sweet!) Mustard and 1 tsp liquid smoke . Season with salt, pepper and 1 dash of lemon juice .

Jalapeno Herb
1/4 white cabbage into thin strips. In a bowl with 2 teaspoons coarse sea salt , whip the cabbage strips vigorously with your hands for several minutes until the cabbage is soft and dripping liquid. Peel off 3 shallots and cut into thin slices. Peel 1 large carrot and slice into long strips with a jullienne cutter. Drain 2 tablespoons of sharp jalapeno from the jar and chop roughly. Finely chop 3 stalks of parsley.

Mix everything with the white cabbage. Season with apple cider vinegar, 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp sugar (or sugar substitute) and salt and pepper .

Cut from 1 hearty farmhouse bread thick slices and brown them from both sides in a little olive oil in the pan until golden brown or roast without oil in the toaster.
1 Divide ripe avocado , remove the kernel, lift the halves out of the shell with a large spoon and cut the pulp into slices.

Serve casserole
Put on a slice of bread an EL Räuchermayo. Then distribute some of the pulled pork. Cover with avocado and top with jalapeno herb. On the cabbage give a spoonful of Räuchermayo. Finish with a slice of bread.

Tip: Keep the pulled pork separate from the brew in the fridge. To serve, fry the meat short and hot in a pan and deglaze with a little broth.| GourmetGuerilla.com "itemprop =" image ">  Pulled pork casserole with smoked mustard, avocado and spicy jalapeno herb. | GourmetGuerilla.de